Cessna 120 G-CMCA 

The Cessna 120, known as Condor 137R, undergone extensive modifications under CAA E-Conditions, showcasing a commitment to vintage aircraft enthusiasts. Equipped with a radial Verner Scarlett 7U boasting 124 bhp, encased in custom cowlings, and complemented by a 30s-styled windshield, this aircraft seamlessly blends the vintage charm with modern reliability. Noteworthy enhancements include downdrooping and clipped wings, a dorsal fin addition, and the inclusion of a BRS parachute, ensuring an amalgamation of classic aesthetics and contemporary safety features. 
Aircraft is currently operated under E-Conditions and has performed over 30 hours of successful test flying. 

Bulldog Autogyro 

The Condor Aviation Bulldog Autogyro stands as a meticulously crafted embodiment of timeless style and modern performance. Built to order with meticulous attention to detail, this aircraft seamlessly blends traditional British design with contemporary elegance. Its muscular yet graceful curves exude rugged aesthetics while ensuring functionality, safety, and a sense of repose. The collaboration with Ruskin brings market-leading refinement to the cockpit, offering a wide array of colors, fabrics, and designs. Safety innovations, such as the patented rotor mast design and composite crash cell, elevate the Bulldog's security. Powered by the robust ROTEC R3600 9 Cylinder 150hp Radial Engine, this autogyro enables short take-offs and rapid climbs from diverse landing sites, ensuring a powerful and dependable flying experience. 
In redefining the aviation sector, Condor Aviation tailors each Bulldog to individual customer desires and the Bulldog becomes a personalized statement of luxury aviation. The aircraft's retro-inspired design, featuring a scorpion-like rotor extension and a leather interior reminiscent of early Pitcairn-Cierva autogyros, adds a touch of nostalgia. With flight testing scheduled around July 2015 and four orders already in place, the Bulldog Autogyro emerges as a unique and promising addition to the world of ultralight aviation, blending classic elegance with cutting-edge technology. 

Aircraft Three 

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