Only a pilot who has successfully completed the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) requirements for foreign pilot license validation may act as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of a South African-registered aircraft.

The pilot so qualified, is always the PIC of the aircraft. If more than one pilot has qualified as PIC, then either one or the other may act as PIC.

You will need to show logged PIC time in type but his can arranged within our own flight school at Komati Flight Academy, where all the tours start and finish.

The PIC must show a minimum 100 hours in either taildraggers or nose wheel aircraft, depending on which is to be flown. We would also recommend having a recent instructor’s revalidation and medical before arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Validation process

As part of the validation process, we will require various documentations to file in the federal system. We will advise which are required at the time of application for the safari.

On arrival at Petit, our own airfield, we will schedule briefings that cover Navigation, Meteorology, African Flying Conditions, ATC procedures, Terminology and Reporting.

We deal with the insurance cover on our aircraft you will be flying and prepare you for the flight test and Air law open-book test.

The flight test will be with our own certified instructors from the Komati Flight Academy, from one to five hours, depending on experience. We will also undertake a pre-planned cross-country to check your ability to navigate using only charts and navigational aids, to communicate with ATC and check your piloting proficiency.

On completion of the checkride and documentation, your validated licence becomes legal and you are cleared for the use of our aircraft as PIC.

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