Condor Aviation International Ltd is a company specifically set up to provide the skills and resources to add excitement into the GA market. This covers bespoke modifications to light aircraft, taking existing designs and improving upon them to provide increased performance, additional space, weight reductions and modernisation.

We design, manufacture and test any new and radical aircraft ideas under our highly prized remit of ‘E Conditions’, awarded to us by the UK CAA.

Finally, but not least, Condor has taken part and can assist in some of the most exciting and unique flying holidays and adventures in the world, having been a critical part in the Crete to Cape Vintage Air Rally.

To cover operations and adventures in Africa, Condor Aviation Africa (Pty) Ltd is based out of Petit Airfield in Gauteng. Featuring a 1000m runway with full manufacturing and servicing facilities for the Safari and Explorer bush planes.

From Petit, Condor Aviation Africa (Pty) Ltd can also offer Self-Fly Safaris holidays as well as a holiday home, with access to the air-park options on the airfield.

In addition, we are the sole agents for the Verner range of radial aircraft engines in the UK, Ireland and the whole of Central and Southern Africa.

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