Aeronca Mudguards

 In Condor Aviation

This week at Condor Aviation we have been designing and manufacturing mudguards, bespoke to our Aeronca Radial. A significant nuisance, all pilots know only too well, is the issue of mud and organic material collating on the underside of the wings. Further to this issue just being a nuisance, the presence of mud on the wings has an impact upon their efficiency and the overall performance of the aircraft.

The mudguards are manufactured from steel tubing, formed using a hydraulic rotary tube bender, which is then mounted either side of the axle upon brackets. One bracket utilises a flange on the inside of the wheel to mitigate rotation of the mudguard. Finally, a shaped sheet of carbon fibre is positioned to ensure a complete protection barrier is made for the wings.

Manufacture continues with our long reach undercarriage for our Safari, updates to follow shorty!

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