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Here at Condor Aviation International, we strive to enable the joy and freedom of piloting a light aircraft to be accessible to all individuals, regardless of physical ability. With this goal in mind, we are in the process of designing a hand control system which would supplement a pilot with lower limb disability to operate all controls of the aircraft safely and without difficulty.
The system, which will be manufactured entirely by us in-house, will fit to the either torque tubes of the rudder assembly. A push rod will be utilised to actuate the rudder pedals directly, which is hence connected to the control rod of the system. The control rod, fitted with tube inserts, will pivot about two pad eyes which are fixed to the floor of the cabin.

Utilising a push rod fixed to the rudder assembly, enables the pilot to operate both left and right rudder, despite only being directly mounted to one pedal.

We are currently in the process of desiging a safe means for the pilot to operate the brakes of the aircraft, mounted to the same control stick used to actuate the rudder.

As always, we will keep you updated with all advancements with the design and manufacture of this project, as well as all of our other activities.

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