120 Radial Cowling

 In Condor Aviation

Manufacture of our bespoke designed Cessna 120 Radial engine cowling is underway! A concept image of the final product, complete with the radial engine and exhaust system can all be seen above. We very much look forward to revealing the final cowling shortly!

The overhaul continues with our Aeronca radial. We have made small adjustmenmts to both the differential braking system and the seating frame. With just minor adjustments, we have seen significant improvements to the aircraft. With regards to the toe-brakes, the leverage ratio within the braking assembly has been increased and therefore, we have reduced the required force to activate them and thus the system is more pilot friendly! With regards to the seating arrangments, we have also seen vast improvements in terms of the use of the available space. Again, with just minor adjustments, we have been able to significantly improve the seating position, head-room and leg-room.

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