Aeronca Radial

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Our Aeronca radial has come in for a major overhaul. We will be desiging and fitting several modifications to the aircraft, as well as performing some minor maintenance. One modification involves a redesign of the toe-brakes in order to increase the leverage ratio; allowing the brakes to be applied more easily. This upgrade to the differential braking system is completed to improve the ground handling of the aircraft. Another planned modification includes the tailwheel of the aircraft, whereby this will be upgraded to a lockable assembly. Again, this is completed to further improve ground handling. With regards to the cockpit, we are entirely redesigning and manufacturing the seating frame. The frame will be shaped and contoured with the use of a hydraulic bender. The intent of this modification is to achieve a more comfortable seating position, as well as gain more headroom by shaping the assembly to a lower location overall.

As always, we will keep you up to date with all of the above modifications as well as any others that arise during the overhaul!

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