Cessna 120 Radial

 In Condor Aviation

Manufacture has commenced on the final product of the first Cessna 120 Radial engine mount. This engine mount, bespoke designed by Condor Aviation International, will entirely transform the Cessna 120 in both aesthetics and performance. The standard engine, a Continental C-85, is to be replaced with the Verner Scarlett 7 Hi (117 BHP). This engine retrofit, represents a significant increase in power whilst increasing the nostalgia feeling with a beautiful radial. We aim to also give the Cessna a modern twist with our tailored cowling; to be revealed soon!

Here at Condor, we have extended composite workshop on site! This increased space means that our composite experts will be able to work in far more comfort as well as work on more pieces in a given time. As mentioned in a previous blog, manufacture of our Cessna 120 radial cowling design can now begin!

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