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We are front cover on this month’s edition of Flyer magazine! Our Aeronca 11AC, modified and retrofitted with a Verner 7 Cylinder Radial engine, has been featured as the main article in the November edition of “Flyer” magazine. The Aeronca Radial represents the first aircraft to fly under the CAA’s E-Conditions initiative.  Click here to view the front cover.

Having completed the complete strip down and renovation of our Cessna 120 Radial, assembly can now begin. All components have been inspected and resprayed in a beautiful Condor yellow! We aim to manufacture our bespoke designed radial engine cowling shortly.

This week also saw a group of third year aerospace engineering students from Teesside University visiting our hangar, here at Condor Aviation international. The students plan to do several projects in conjunction with Condor. The projects include such things as engine retrofitting, cabin extension and landing gear design; looking at some of our aircraft such as the Stinson 108 and Gardan Minicab. This is a very exciting opportunity for Condor as we are always pleased to see young adults progressing into the world of aircraft design and modification.

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