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 In Europa

Welcome to the new Condor Aviation International weekly blog! Here we will update you with all of our projects, events and news from our specialist aircraft modification facility at Birchwood.

We have just completed the install of a full CAD suite, giving us the ability to design concept aircraft and bespoke modifications. With our Aerospace design engineers, we are now able to offer this service all in-house.

It is with great pleasure, that we can now announce a new concept aircraft, the single seat Europa IO. This design utilises a standard Europa Monowheel which is heavily modified to provide significantly more room within the cabin. This is achieved through mounting the landing gear / engine mount assembly 16” forward from its original position. With the monowheel mounted further forward, this enables us to remove a significant portion of the centre tunnel. As the centre tunnel tapers as it moves aft through the cabin, moving the wheel 16” forward enables the wheel to entirely retract to within the aircraft. In addition, removing the majority of the centre tunnel enables the pilot to recline more than was ever possible before; providing significantly more head room. The pilot, whom is now situated in the centre of the cabin, can enjoy far more space laterally when flying their aircraft. The structural strength provided by the centre tunnel will be retrofitted by way of a space frame.

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